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Paperless ACP- 5 filing procedure

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Paperless ACP- 5 filing procedure

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2011-02-07 16:42:04

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Keith Lucas



DEP is planning to institute a paperless ACP5 filing process. The first phase of this process will be the electronic filing of the ACP5.

The current ACP5 website currently being used will be phased out in the next two to three months.


Effective Feb 3, 2011 you will have two options to file an ACP5 form.


1.       Use the web-based ACP5 form that is available at , which you are currently

using to file the original signed and sealed ACP5 with DOB or


2.       Electronically submit an ACP5 form to DEP, paying the filing fee with a credit card and print a copy of the ACP5 form.

The ACP5 form will have a control number, a DEP date stamp and acknowledgement of the fee payment. This ACP5

form can then be submitted to DOB.


The ACP5 website currently being used will be phased out in the next two to three months.


In order to electronically file the ACP5 form, using the new system (option 2 above), you need to preregister with DEP. The forms for preregistration are available at . The Statement of Agreement form must have original signatures, dates and seal. The Authentic Form is a fillable form with the exception of the signature and date. If you are an employee of a Company , which has the NYS DOL Asbestos Handling License number you will be required to submit a letter of authorization from the Company together with your forms. These forms can either be mailed or hand delivered to DEP. Once the forms are accepted, DEP will notify you via email, provide a temporary password with the link where you will electronic file your ACP5.


Please be advised that Asbestos Rules were revised and the new Rules takes effect from February 3, 2011. The new fee for filing an ACP5 form using either option will be is $47 as of February 3, 2011.


(Revised rules )


Please  or call 718 595 3003 if you encounter any problem during the electronic filing of an ACP5 form.