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ACNY Meets with Thomas Fariello, Acting First Deputy Commissioner, DoB

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ACNY Meets with Thomas Fariello, Acting First Deputy Commissioner, DoB

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2011-06-06 17:12:23

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Keith Lucas


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To All Constituents/

As discussed at our last Board meeting, the ACNY met today with Thomas Fariello, Acting First Deputy Commissioner of the DOB. Joining me in representing the ACNY wasKim Vauss, Martin Marcus and Jerry Goldstein. Attached is a copy of a letter I had prepared and delivered to Commissioner Fariello introducing him to the ACNY. Our meeting mostly centered around the ACNY’s collective experience in code, zoning and procedural matters and our desire to continue to grow the partnership with the DOB, developed under Commissioner LiMandri and Dep. Commissioner Fatma Amer.


Also discussed was the DOB’s increased effort to issue more frequent Building Bulletins to help clarify the most common issues. To this end Commissioner Fariello asked that we submit our “top 10” issues with the 2008 code and our “top 10” old memos, Directives, TPPN’s etc. that may need updating or validation regarding their current applicability. He asked for our patience in seeing results regarding our identified issues as he is collecting “top 10” lists from many parties. We in turn asked that he continue the practice of allowing us to comment on draft versions of new bulletins. He agreed that our input is extremely useful and will try to provide us with a longer comment period when possible.


We advised Commissioner Fariello that we were putting together comments regarding the recently revised version of the Reinstatement Notice and that we would like to opportunity to present them to him and/or Kanda Gordon. He agreed to consider them and particularly made note of our issue about remaining references in the notice to a requirement to re-file applications with permits expired beyond 3 years from dated of issuance. He also advised that the DOB understood that sometimes a partially built project can be stalled without a current contractor, or a project can be stalled at TCO awaiting a final tenant. He assured us that the DOB is working on addressing these situations.


We all came away feeling that Commissioner Fariello was a believer in the benefits of the DOB working with the professional community and that we could look forward to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.


Mark Kaplan, Pres.

Architects' Council of New York