The following is an overview of New York State Education Department,

Office of the Professions, regarding Architecture.




NYS- DOE- Architecture

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The following articles will provide information purposes only, awareness and easy access to the Education law, Rules and Section as they are written in plain language.   The section of NYS Education Law focuses only on those portions pertaining to “Licensing and Architecture”.  A brief description will be provided to introduce  the rule or article as explained.  It is recommended the reader becomes fully aware of the actual article as written by "NYS Office of the Professions" and not rely on the following excerpts.



General Provisions



Admission to a profession (licensing).

This portion focuses on the admission to practice of a profession of Architecture in the state of New York. This is accomplished by a license being issued to a qualified individual applicant by the NYS Education Department. To qualify for a license an

applicant shall meet the requirements prescribed in the articles.  Learn more

Article 147

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