The Architect’s Council, founded in 1967, for the purpose of uniting the voices of architects affecting the practice of the Architectural and Design Industry from regulatory processes of various quasi-governmental agencies within the boundary of New York City.  The New York Society of Architects, along with the Brooklyn Society of Architects and the American Institute of Architects, Brooklyn Chapter established a coalition of design organizations as the voice of its constituents, and it acts as the umbrella organization representing the architectural community of New York City.

The Architects Council worked in a collaborative effort with various public agencies in assuring the rules and regulations affecting the Health, Safety and Welfare were properly implemented to benefit all affected industries: Government, Architectural Profession and Construction. The American Institute of Architects Bronx Chapter and Queens Chapter joined the coalition followed by New York Chapter. In 2010, the New York Council of the Society of American Registered Architects known as SARA NY became a member of ACNY. 

The Architects Council, completing its fifty-second Anniversary, continues its tradition of affirming architectural heritage and dedication to advance the voice of the architectural professional and address any or all local and legislative issues.

ACNY vows to represent all members united as a one voice, expressing concerns affecting the practice of Architecture and Architectural licensing.  At its inception, ACNY represented all registered Architects practicing within the boundary of New York City. This common core has been expanded to include Architectural candidates for licensing until today. 


The Architects Council is dedicated to unify and coordinate the voices of all Architects affected by Legislative, Policies, Procedure Actions and Professional Licensing Regulations within the boundaries of New York City.  


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Welcome to the Architects Council of New York,

a coalition of New York City's architectural organizations. 

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