DOB: Common FISP Report Concerns and Posting a Conditions Certificate Information

Dear Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors,


  1. Filing a FISP report during the amnesty period (NRF in previous cycle and Safe and SWARMP reports for cycle 9 sub-cycle B and C buildings) requires a full payment of civil penalties owed. In order to find out the exact amount of penalties owed please contact the Facades unit at Penalty sheets created by the Facades unit must be taken to the Cashier when making a payment. Please note that the civil penalty amounts shown in DOB NOW Safety may not be correct for the amount owed due to amnesty rules.  

  2. As per RCNY 103-04 posting a Conditions Certificate is required currently in the lobby or vestibule of all FISP buildings indicating the most recent status of the building’s exterior walls and appurtenances, regardless the date or Cycle of the last filing. To print the certificate, in DOB NOW Safety click on “Select Action” under “Actions” column on the main dashboard.

  3. Please be advised that Supporting Document Type “QEWI/Inspector Close-Up Photo” was added to FISP report to satisfy this requirement of RCNY 103-04(c)(3)(iii)(F): “5. Dated photo documentation of the QEWI and/or his or her employees performing physical (“close-up”) inspections.”

Thank you,

Eugene Krenitsyn, P.E.

Chief Compliance Officer

Local Law & Façades Unit

(212) 393-2476


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