DOB: Newly Issued Bulletins BB 2021-012 through BB 2021-019

From: Izabella Vais (Buildings) <> Date: Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 11:37 AM Subject: Newly issued bulletins BB 2021-012 through BB 2021-019 To:

Good Morning Industry Partners- The Department issued several new bulletins listed below.

  • BB 2021-012 which establishes the acceptable use of artificial intelligence in detecting façade defects and deterioration.

  • BB 2021-013 which recognizes the use of imaging robots to aid in the critical examination requirements for compliance filings for the Façade Inspection Safety Program.

  • BB 2021-014 which establishes guidelines for installation of transparent window insulation panels.

  • BB 2021-015 which recognizes the use of self-contained air circulating sanitization systems in elevator cars.

  • BB 2021-016 which clarifies design, inspection, use, adjustment, maintenance, and repair for cast-in-place threaded anchors (J-bolts with exposed threaded ends) used for unenclosed perimeter protection in accordance with the NYC Building Code.

  • BB 2021-017 which establishes acceptance criteria, installation, and maintenance requirements for heat transfer nanofluids used in hydronic closed-loop HVAC systems.

  • BB 2021-018 which establishes guidelines for installation and maintenance of space heating distribution energy management systems.

  • BB 2021-019 and BB 2021-019 Highlights which clarifies the treatment of electricity load associated with electric vehicle supply equipment for compliance with the annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting established in Local Law 97 of 2019 (LL 97/2019).

For all published Buildings Bulletins, please visit: As always, stay in touch if you have questions or require additional information. Kind Regards, Bella Izabella Vais Strategic Policy and Industry Relations Industry Engagement Advisor Department of Buildings City of New York (212)393-2118


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