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All Initial TCO (PW7) requests must be accompanied by the following: -      List of all granted and outstanding signoffs. -      Confirmation of submission of final Technical reports. -      List of all open applications and explanation as of why they are still open. -      Progress in resolving open violations (if any). -      Copy of previously denied PW7’s (if any). Please redirect your inquiry to the correct corresponding email address so your issue and/or question can be resolved in an expeditious manner. Application Processing/ TCO & CO issues: · Please submit requests for assistance directly through our help form at This includes questions about BIS jobs, Hub Self-Service, Hub Full-Service and DOB NOW. Appointments/PER-11’s: · – for BC appointments ONLY · – for civil penalty hold lifts, fee estimation, reassignment, reinstatement or appointments for Plan Examiner audit, Chief Plan Examiner, Code & Zoning Specialists and Project Advocate. Objection appeal: · – for a second plan examination review by the ACPE Determinations: · – for CCD1 and ZRD1 submissions Questions pertaining to construction issues, the email address is below: · – for Enforcement Inspection inquiries · BKCONSTRUCTIONIR@BUILDINGS.NYC.GOV  - for Development Inspection Sign-off L2: Requests for overrides, reductions or waivers of Civil Penalty for Work Without Permit and Stop Work Order violations must be submitted through DOBNOW at!/


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