June 14, 2021, at 10am: Committee on Housing and Buildings Hearing Invite

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Please be advised that the Committee on Housing and Buildings will hold a hearing on Monday, June 14, at 10:00am virtually, via Zoom-Webinar, during which the Committee will hear the following legislation:

· Int. No. 2261 (Cornegy by request of the Mayor), A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, the New York city plumbing code, the New York city building code, the New York city mechanical code and the New York city fuel gas code, in relation to bringing such codes and related provisions of law up to date with the 2015 editions of the international building, mechanical, fuel gas and plumbing codes, with differences that reflect the unique character of the city, clarifying and updating administration and enforcement of such codes and the 1968 code and repealing chapters 2 and 35, appendices K and M, section N102 of appendix N, appendices P and Q, and section R103.3 figures 1A and 1B of appendix R of the New York city building code, chapter 15 and appendix A of the New York city mechanical code and chapter 8 of the New York city fuel gas code in relation thereto

You are hereby invited to attend this hearing and testify therein. If you are planning on testifying live via video conferencing, please register at https://council.nyc.gov/testify/ no later than 24 hours before the hearing. Each person who intends on testifying live should register separately. Persons who do not register in advance will not be permitted to testify live via video conferencing. If you are interested in viewing the hearing, but do not wish to testify live, the hearing can be viewed at https://council.nyc.gov/livestream/. Written testimony may be submitted without registration by emailing it to testimony@council.nyc.gov or via our website at https://council.nyc.gov/testify/ up to 72 hours after the close of the hearing. Thank you for your cooperation. For questions about accessibility or to request additional accommodations (including interpretation) please contact swerts@council.nyc.gov or nbenjamin@council.nyc.gov or (212) 788-6936 at least 72 hours before the hearing.

All other questions should be directed to GZilkha@council.nyc.gov or ason@council.nyc.gov.


Housing and Buildings Committee Staff

Genan F Zilkha

Legislative Counsel

Committee on Housing and Buildings

Legislative Division

250 Broadway

New York, NY 10007

p: 212-482-5488 | gzilkha@council.nyc.gov


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