New York City Landmarks launches new Permit Guidebook and Application Forms

LPC launches new permit guidebook and application forms to make it easier to apply for and more quickly to obtain a permit. Click here for more information.

LPC has launched an updated edition of the Permit Application Guide, now named the LPC Permit Guidebook: How to Get Staff-Level Approvals (available as a comprehensive document or by chapter here and new application forms, (available here) to make it easier to apply for and more quickly obtain a permit. As applicants, you know that permit applications can be delayed when incomplete applications are submitted to LPC requiring a back and forth to get the required materials to show the work meets the Commission’s Rules.  The goal of these initiatives is to make rules more understandable and provide step-by-step instructions for filing a complete application that meets the LPC Rules.

The LPC Permit Guidebook, which reflects the new rules and amendments adopted by the Commission in January 2019, breaks down the application process into simple steps, outlines and illustrates the rules and criteria for staff-level-approval, and identifies what materials need to be included in the initial application submission so that staff can quickly review and issue the permit, reducing the amount of time needed to understand the rules and complete an application.  The new application forms are intended to be clearer and more user-friendly to encourage more complete applications by clearly outlining what form is needed to apply for a permit and what needs to be submitted with the forms. There are now four application forms, including a new form for post-approval actions related to the original permit approval.

Standard Application Form (for interior or exterior work or to correct or legalize a landmark violation)

FasTrack Application Form (for interior work and select exterior work)

Expedited Certificate of No Effect Application Form (for select interior work only)

Post-Approval Application Form (to amend or sign off on previously approved work or to submit filing drawings for Certificate of Appropriateness)

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission

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