To support the City’s response to COVID- 19 we are requesting the following steps for Owners and Asbestos Abatement Contractors to employ to ensure the health and safety of asbestos workers and the public should construction work be halted. The Asbestos Control Program (ACP) will be initiating the following actions today:

ACTIVE ACP-7 Projects: ACP requires all parties to submit a contingency plan for all active large abatement projects through the ARTS feedback email at At the same time, you must comply with any orders by New York State or New York City in reference to a shutdown of non-essential activities if that were to occur.

NEW ACP- 7 Filings: All new projects must be accompanied by a contingency plan for a quick shutdown if required.

The ACP Office is currently closed to the public but we will continue program operations.

Visit the DEP website at

ARTS -E -file and ARTSFEEDBACK will continue to operate.

The goal is to be able to shut down the asbestos project safely. It is recommended that projects which cannot be completed follow their Contingency Plan OR follow the directions outlined below: COVID-19 ASBESTOS PROJECT WORKSITE CLOSURE (SCOPE OF WORK)


The ACP Administrative Procedures

1. Contractors can do one of the following:

a) Prior to or on the start date: Postpone the project in ARTS-E-file. When a new start date is confirmed you may submit an ACP-8 form with new the start date.

b) After the start date: Postpone the project in ARTS-E-file. When the project is in progress, the contractor must contact ARTS FEEDBACK, immediately. ACP TRU will require the following documents to be submitted:

· Letter from owner suspending the work.

For ATRU Project Owners letter must include confirmation from the RDP verifying the following:

o A-TRU Permit requirements:

- Obstructions:

· Abatement work has been halted at a period where all obstructions have been temporarily removed and building may be fully occupied as per certificate of occupancy


· Abatement work has been halted with obstructions in place and that the modified building occupancy or non-occupancy, as per approved WPSP, shall be maintained until abatement procedures are resumed and all obstructions removed.

- Fire Resistant Rated Construction:

· In occupied buildings requiring a 24 hour fire-watch, where fire rated material(s) have been removed and/or disturbed, a single fire watch will be maintained until abatement is resumed and worksite is reinstated in accordance with the approved WPSP


· In occupied buildings where abatement is halted at a period where fire rated materials have not been removed, disturbed or have been fully or partially restored and thereby restoring the building to a code compliant condition, fire-watch may be suspended until abatement procedures are resumed and at the re-start of abatement procedures reinstated in accordance with the approved WPSP.

2. Scope of work to seal the worksite (see minimum requirement below)

3. After complete isolation of the worksite conduct Outside the Work Area (OWA) air monitoring in accordance with 1-41 must be conducted. When monitoring results do not meet re-occ

4. Results of this monitoring must be submitted to DEP ACP.

Original technical reviewer and supervisor will review and accept. Documents will be uploaded to the ARTS E-File project folder by ATRU staff.

Asbestos Project Suspension Procedures – Scope of Work- Minimum Requirements

1. The work area shall be cleaned in accordance with §1-111.

2. When the asbestos project cannot be completed and the building will be shut-down please follow the procedures below:

A. Securing Decontamination Enclosure Systems

a) All waste must be moved to the holding area and taken off site for disposal prior to sealing off the decontamination unit

b) When the work area and decontamination unit are deemed cleaned and secured the negative air machines must be turned off.

c) Sequentially each airlock and the shower room must be decontaminated.

d) Every room and air lock thereafter must be cleaned and sealed off with 2 layers of 6 mil plastic.

e) Electric and water must be shut off and locked out.

f) Once the waste has been removed and the decontamination unit is sealed, air sampling outside the work area must be performed in accordance with Subchapter D, Monitoring and Analysis Procedures as in Title 15, Chapter 1 of RCNY. Results must be transmitted to DEP accordingly. If air samples do not meet the re-occupancy criteria the area must be re-cleaned and resampled until such time that re-occupancy levels are met. All results must be transmitted to DEP ACP.

B. Final visual inspections

a) The asbestos project supervisor and monitor will inspect the integrity of the secured decontamination Unit and document into the logbook.

b) Identify what locations and quantities that have been abated successfully and identify locations and quantities that remain to be abated and record into the logbook

c) All applicable asbestos project signage shall remain in place.

d) The local FDNY Fire house and NYCDOB when applicable shall be notified of the suspended asbestos project.

e) Subsequent visual inspections must be conducted and documented to ensure the integrity of the enclosure. Asbestos Project Contingency Plan.

All other applicable provisions of Title 15, Chapter 1 of RCNY, New York City, New York State and Federal Regulations shall be complied with.


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